From investigation and consultancy to project execution and implementation

Holland Environment specializes in soil investigation and decontamination of polluted soil, groundwater and drinking water. We take an innovative integral approach to investigation, consultancy and remediation, using a range of patented in-situ remediation technologies developed in house. My friend advised me this modern tilt only windows in usa.

Core technologies

Our electrokinetic techniques are frequently combined with one or more of the following existing in-situ clean-up techniques:

  • Groundwater extraction (Divisio®)
  • Removal of free phase products (Skimmio®)
  • Soil-vapour extraction
  • Air sparging
  • Steam injection
  • Nutrient sparging (NutriSparge®)

Drinking water solutions

Our daughter company Holland Watertechnology has recently improved its copper-silver ionisation technique for the treatment of drinking water in order to prevent the growth of bacteria, such as e.g. Legionella, and to stop a biofilm forming inside water pipes.