Unique Technology

Remediation in progress

Holland Environment Group has over 20 years experience as world-leader in the use of: Vroot Apk Download

Use is made of electrical current to clean-up ground and groundwater in-situ or ex-situ.

In-situ means that the technology is applicable underneath houses and factory buildings and that no digging is required.

Ex-situ means that the soil is excavated and treated with technology in a temporary deposit or lagoon. With these techniques a wide variety of pollutants, from heavy metals and cyanide to mineral oil and solvents can be removed from all kinds of soil types.

Last resort

In many cases Electro-Reclamation and Electro-Bioreclamation are used where other clean-up techniques have failed. In certain projects "pump and treat"  techniques have been applied for many years, without levels of contamination in groundwater falling. Electro-Reclamation and Electro-Bioreclamation can then be deployed to still reach required clean-up levels within a relatively short time.

Environmentally friendly

Although our processes use electrical energy, the overall environmental impact is low. There is no excavation, transport, or dumping of soil, and no need to pump hundreds of thousands m3 of groundwater.

Human impact and disruption

Because our techniques can be employed in-situ, the impact on the neighbourhood is low. There is much less noise, less visible activity, and less need for access than traditional methods would require. As a result our techniques are ideal for application in areas such as:

  • city centres;
  • historical districts;
  • in or near hospitals or care institutions;
  • in or at companies that need to be able to continue running their business.

Cost effectiveness

Although the application of our techniques is not the cheapest solution, because in many cases they are the only effective mechanism of removing pollutants from clay and peat, or from large depths.

Additionally our processes can remove contamination from underneath houses and factory buildings.