Minimal removal of polluted groundwater and maximum extraction of contaminants: that is Divisio®'s goal. Its fine-meshed screens are adapted to both lithology and contamination. Extraction is effectuated for each screen separately, enabling an optimal transfer of contaminants to the extracted groundwater. The Divisio® unit takes care of everything with its built in computer and control system, distribution manifold with electric valves, vacuum pumps, and measurement and monitoring equipment (on line). Its modular construction, in addition to its other features, makes the system rather unique.


Divisio® enables a very effective and efficient total cleanup. On-line reading and control make work considerably easier. Soil compartments can be treated separately and groundwater flows can be adequately addressed. Because only a small quantity of water is removed, a smaller water purification installation is required, although concentrations are higher. Thus, a significant cost reduction is possible here. Moreover, lowering of the groundwater level is reduced. Therefore, fewer risks of setting, and/or other phenomena associated with low water tables, such as occur with regular cleanups.