In-building remediation in Dordrecht



Pollution inside a building comes with its own rules and limitations. Beams, posts, and floors prevent a simple cleanup and so did the hall of a building in the poorly accessible city centre of Dordrecht, under which oil was found. The heavy clay ground presents an extra barrier. Furthermore, inconveniences to the building owner and its tenants have to be kept to a minimum. Our customer, the municipality of Dordrecht, asks if we can do the job.

Our approach


We remediate a total of some 400 cubic meters of clay soil to a depth of three meters below the surface. The environmental agency of Zuid Holland supervises the cleanup operation. Within thirty weeks from October 1997 to Spring 1999 electro-bioreclamation achieves the desired results. The approval of the proper authorities in Zuid follows.

And the inconvenience? What inconvenience?

Technical details

Remediation Methods
- In situ remediation
- Soil Excavation
- Electro Bio Reclamation (Organic)
- Soil Vapour Extraction
- Biological Degredation

General Data
Volume of soil & groundwater: 380 m3 grond 
Remediation depth: 3 m b.g.s.
Start intensive phase: October 1997
End intensive phase: Spring 1998

Remediation Data
Type of contaminants: Mineral Oil
Product removed: 750 kg 
Temperature: 40-60 °C
Extraction rate soil vapour: 225 m3/hr
External environmental supervision: EPA Zuid-Holland