Electrokinetic fences (EKIS®)

An Electrokinetic fences (EKIS®) consists of a row of DC electrodes installed along the border of a contaminated groundwater plume, perpendicular to the main direction of the average groundwater flow direction.

Heavy metals and other polar contaminants are captured by the electrodes and periodically removed. There is no contamination downstream of the fence area, neither any distrubance of the groundwater flow.

Electrokinetic Biofences (EBIS®)

An Electrokinetic Biofences (EBIS®) can be used when the groundwater plume is contaminated with mineral oil, aromatics, or chlorinated solvents, by placing nutrient infiltration wells upstream of the electrodes. The nutrient ions are carried with the froundwater towards the fence and they spread out homogenously between the electrodes under the influence of the electrical field.

Inside and downstream of the fence area biodegradation is enhanced and there is no further enlargement of the contaminated groundwater plume.