Greased soil cleanup in the center of Horst


Horst equipment

A large floating layer of mineral oil at groundwater level is the silent witness of a nasty pollution in the heart of Horst. Heavy fuel oils and aromatics are present in the soil of a former oil and distribution depot in this municipality. Excavation is only part of the solution. Vissers Oliehandel Horst BV calls on our cleanup expertise. We offer them a fixed contract price with guaranteed results. Детальная информация marketing online тут.

Our approach

Location Horst

In January 1998, we begin the intensive phase, going to a depth of eight meters below the surface. The soil, consisting of loamy fine sand has to be heated up to 80 degrees Celsius — an optimum temperature needed to mobilize and remove the heavy oils and aromatics. 21,000 liters of oil are being collected from the soil. In July 1999, the soil remediation is finished and approved by the regulators. Groundwater cleanup continued until 2002.

Technical details

Remediation Methods
- In situ remediation
- Soil Excavation
- Electro Bioreclamation (Organic)
- Soil Vapour Extraction
- Groundwater Extraction
- Biological Degredation

General Data
Volume of soil & groundwater: intensive 4600 m3
Remediation depth: 8 m b.g.s.
Start intensive phase: January 1998
Start extensive phase: July 1999
End intensive phase: July 1999
End intensive phase: June 2000

Remediation Data
Type of contaminants: Mineral Oil, Petrol, Paraffin
Product removed:
By excavation: 1000 kg
By free product pumping: 17.400 kg
Via active carbon: 2000 kg
Via air stripper: 600 kg
Total: 21.000 kg

Temperature: 94 °C at 6m depth
External environmental supervision: Het Milieubureau