Leakage at chemical laundry


Koudekerk Laundry

Chemical Laundry Medoclean in Koudekerk aan de Rijn has soil troubles. A subsurface pipe has been leaking: the products/ solvents PER and TRI are tainting the sandy clay soil. Four thousand cubic meters to a depth of six meters below the surface. The cleanup system has to be installed inside and underneath the building, along with the installation of a new waterproof floor.

During all this activity, business has to go on as usual in the modern chemical laundry.

Our approach

The intensive network of filters and screens of our Divisio® unit enables a very selective and localized cleanup. The computers take car of on-line measurements, control and if necessary adjust the extraction rates, an efficient and flexible way to work.

Biodegradation of contaminants is enhanced by periodic injection and infiltration of nutrients. During both the intensive phase (about two and a half years) and the extensive phase (about two years), Chemical Laundry Medoclean has been minimally hindered by our activities. Good cooperation between the customer and Holland Environment Group is one of the reasons.

Technical details

Remediation Methods
- In situ remediation
- Soil Vapour Extraction
- Groundwater Extraction
- Biological Degredation

General Data
Volume of soil & groundwater: intensive 4000 m3
Remediation depth: 6 m b.g.s.
Start intensive phase: Autumn 1999
Start extensive phase: Summer 2002
End intensive phase: Summer 2002
End intensive phase: Summer 2004

Remediation Data
Type of contaminants: Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (VOC)
Product removed: 8800 kg
Nutrient Injected: 30 kg 
Temperature: 12 °C (no active temperature increase)
Extraction rate soil vapour: 250 m3/hr
Extraction rate groundwater: 2 m3/hr
External environmental supervision: Lexmond Milieuadviezen BV