Holland Environment Group has licensed its technology to a number of partners in certain areas of the world. If you are located in one of these countries, please contact the licence partner directly. If you would still like the certainty of the execution of your remediation project with Holland Environment Group involved, please tell your partner.


When we have licensed our technology to a partner, Holland Environment Group is still involved:

  • we manufacture and supply machines in shippable containers for remediation
  • we train the staff of our partners
  • we consult our partners on projects
  • or we perform joint projects as described in our project services

In certain cases we are even involved with our partners to help them identify new opportunities, to help them qualify these, and bid for and win the project.

If you are interested in licensing some of our technologies, or partnering with us, please contact us.

Netherlands, Germany, Belgium

For the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium our licensing partner is Holland Milieutechniek, a daughter company of van Boekel Zeeland, a large civil engineering and environmental engineering company.

If you have a project to be performed in these locations, contact them directly. If you would like to involve us in your project, please contact us directly using the contact form.


In Japan a number of companies have licensed our technology for their own, private use. These companies are:

Our go-to-market partner and patent owner for the Japanese market is Showa Denko, a large chemical group which creates innovative and high-value products in the areas of proprietary inorganic/aluminum and organic chemical technologies.

Should you wish to contact us, please get in touch with our Representative Office in Japan.


In Italy our technologies are licensed to Saipem, a daughter company of the ENI group. Saipem is a turn-key contractor in the oil- and gas industry, and performs on-shore, off-shore and drilling activities. Saipem is a truly international company, able to work across the world.

Saipem also offers integrated environmental remediation services (i.e. soil and ground water) for contaminated sites of all types, both decommissioned and operational.