Holland Environment Group realises that soil remediation and pollution clean-up is not easy. The processes are high-tech, and need to be fine tuned to work effectively given the nature of the pollution, and the composition of the ground. Самая детальная информация ukrainian brides у нас.

Projects can be difficult to estimate and calculate. As a result, new projects can be hard to identify and sell. Holland Environment Group has years of experience in applying these techniques (see an overview list of completed projects) and when we work with you as a customer, or an implementation partner, we share this knowledge with you. Our goal is for you te build up skills, and experience, so that as time goes on you are able to operate more and more independently from us.

Prospecting and selling

Through our years in the community of Electrochemical Remediation, and through our involvement with universities and our relationships with academics around the world, we can help you identify potential projects and subsequently help you qualify the opportunity.

We work with you to identify the business case, define a sales approach, and help investigate the soil and the pollution to come with a remediation approach. This then serves as a basis for defining the remediation project and costing the proposal to the customer.

We jointly produce a proposal and present it to the customer, and hope to win the business.

Soil Investigation

We carry out soil and environmental investigations throughout the world. We do this expertly, efficiently, with flexibility, and fast, for a competitive price. We also do this with a clear goal in mind: preventing soil problems and/or solving them quickly and efficiently. Our activities comprise preliminary and additional investigations not only for pollution but also prior to the sale of property and before developing new building sites. We carry out preliminary investigations in accordance with present environmental legislation for what is known as a "clean soil certificate." Moreover, we can make arrangements for various environmental permits, and give advice on and draft remediation work plans.

We are concerned with more than just reporting. Determining possible soil problems is only one aspect of our business. Our expertise and advice count even more. Preventing and solving soil problems are key items. We provide customized solutions, and we are front-runners with our technological know-how as a result of our many years of experience, pragmatic approach, and close cooperation with customers, government, and regional environmental agencies. 

Soil Cleanup

Innovative solutions within law and budget

"Functional remediation" has always been our goal, but it was not until the mid nineties before the government changed legislation to support our wishes. "Functional" replaced multi-functional , meaning more room for in- situ technology and the acceptance of justified risks regards rest contamination. It also means the exit of cleanup specifications and the arrival of a remediation plan inclding the obligation guarantee a "stable end situation".

Since 2000, soil remediaton is custom-made. "Phasic remediation" has become the key word both in spatial sense and in intensity: intensive, when it comes to heavily polluted smear zones or source areas; extensive when it comes to contaminated groundwater plumes, or as a follow-up of the intensive phase. The overall result is higher environmental quality at greater cost efficiency. This asks for flexibility during the remediation process, flexibility that is achieved by a cyclical remediaton approach.