Sludge Technology

Holland Environment Group is performing Research and Development in the area of electrosedimentation technologies to enhance sedimentation, compaction and dewatering of industrial sludge, sewage sludge and dredging.

We believe we can:

  • speed up and improve the process of sedimentation and dewatering sewage sludge, which will allow more effective use of existing sewage cleanup facilities, which in turn improves the capacity of such clean-up facilities;
  • reduce the need for chemical pre-treatment (flocculants and coagulants), saving thousands of Euros in the process;
  • easily integrate in the existing infrastructure (filters, presses, tanks, pumps).

Although some of our ideas have been tested in the laboratory we are currently working with, and looking for partners who are willing and keen to test these ideas in practice. If you are interested, please contact us.