Soil Remediation

Holland Environment Group is specialised in removing pollution and contamination from soil using patented electro-kinetic techniques. Our solutions are most likely more expensive than straightforward "Dig and Dump" techniques, and are therefore applicable in a site where one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • the location is in a built-up area (e.g. in a busy or historic city center) where digging is dangerous or too disruptive
  • the location of the contamination is under or nearby a recently completed building or housing development
  • the pollution is of a nature where legislation or public outcry require it to be removed (e.g. oil based or heavy-metals, mercury)
  • the pollution or contamination threatens to contaminate other areas through seepage (e.g. a nearby water supply)

Our techniques also prove effective where other methods have failed, which is a major benefit.


We have a number of patented techniques, and equipment that we developed to be able to perform these remediation services. The techiques we apply differ depending on:

  • the nature of the contamination;
  • the composition of the soil;
  • the location and structure of the site;
  • the areas under threat;
  • water-levels and nearby surface water.

The duration of our reclamation projects, the equipment (type and number) and the design of the remediation plan all depend on these factors as well. No project is the same!

How we work

Holland Environment Group typically works with local partners to be able to perform remediation projects. We provide knowledge and equipment, and participate in projects. In a number of countries we have licenced our technologies to partners, and we trained them and support them in the execution of remediation projects which they perform under their own control.

In all those regions were we have not licenced our technology, we work with a local implementation partner. The local implementation partner is typically a firm already experienced in the execution of pollution remediation works, and uses us and our technologies and equipment when the remediation project warrants it.

If you are an end-customer (a company, municipality or e.g. landlord) with a site that needs remediation, you can contact us and we will work with you to select an appropriate implementation partner.

If you are an environmental engineering company with a project that could benefit from our techniques, please contact us to see how we could work together.