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Bifipro Control Module

BIFIPRO is our solution to address Legionella problems in drinkwater systems for hospitals, hotels, homes providing care for the elderly, government institutions (such as prisons), and leisure companies such as spa's, sauna's and wellness centers. It uses patented copper-silver ionisation techniques to eliminate legionella bacteria and biofilm from drinking water systems.


  • works to eliminate legionnairs disease bacteria, guaranteed
  • saves you money and allows your staff to care for clients or patients
  • and is environmentally friendly
  • has been reliably installed at over 105 sites and has proven successful at even the most complex installations


BIFIPRO® COOL is our patented solution for removal of bacteria that cause legionnairs disease from cooling systems in open, recirculating cooling towers. These use a water aerosol to cool, and bacteria in that cooling water can cause legionnairs disease to spread, due to the open nature of the cooling tower. Vapour from these cooling towers can sometimes travel for miles from the location and infect people at large distances.

BIFIPRO® COOL uses copper-silver ionisation to eliminate bacteria, algae and biofilm from cooling towers, eliminating the need to use expensive and polluting chemicals to keep the cooling tower clean. Our solution is:

  • more cost effective
  • easier to monitor and apply
  • environmentally friendly

and makes your cooling system operate more effectively also.